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Ethernet connection

100Mbit/s symmetrical connection by Sonera

Changes and additions to firewall rules (for example VPN) are possible, which means incoming traffic can be allowed as exceptions.

Ethernet connections are available by request in virtually all meeting rooms, foyers and restaurants at Tampere Hall.

Should you wish your own PC(s) to be connected to the fixed (Ethernet) network, please place an order for this no later than 14 days prior to your event. The connection will be up throughout your event.

The PCs in the meeting rooms all have internet access by default.

Faster connections are also available upon request.


Tampere Hall offers free Wi-Fi.

Wireless access is available in lobby and restaurant areas and meeting rooms, including the Main and Small Auditoriums in the main building.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Our LAN can provide a connection of up to 1Gbit/s between PCs. Faster LAN connections are also possible with fibre optic switches.

Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions are also possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll be happy to design a tailor-made service solution for your event.

Further technical questions?

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